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With over '35 Years in Safety', we offer a wide range of safety signs, posters, fire protection equipment, safety equipment and fire protection & safety trainings.


Emergency Shower and Eyewash

In case of emergency situations where harmful chemicals come in contact with body or eyes, emergency showers and eyewash are used to drain away the chemicals and their effect.

These come in various versions like emergency showers or emergency eyewash or both combined.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm system are early warning systems to detect fires using smoke and heat detectors.

This system has a number of devices working together to warn the people in fire incidents.

Fire alarm systems come in conventional and addressable types.


Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is a sheet of special fire retardant material, used to restrain a fire from spreading or is used to extinguish it by covering the flames and cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire.

It is also used to wrap a person's body if the person has caught fire.

Fire blankets come in different sizes.


Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are fire protection equipment used to extinguish or control small fires in emergency situations.

Fire extinguishers come in various sizes and types that mainly include:

- Dry Chemical Powder
- Water
- AFFF (Foam)
- Halotron
- CO2


Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire brigade department needs time to reach a fire location and when it is extinguishing fire, it again needs time to replenish the water tanks of the fire trucks to continue fire fighting.

A fire hydrant system is building's own fire fighting system with its own waterline, fire hydrants, fire water pump, hose pipes, hose reels, nozzles and monitors to avoid any possible time delay in any fire situation where every second counts.


Fire/Emergency Exit Doors

These are special fire resistant doors installed in buildings to provide faster evacuation or alternative route if the regular exit is blocked by fire or any other reason.

In addition, fire doors have special sealants to stop smoke from entering other areas of the building.

Fire doors come in various ratings to hold fire for the specified number of minutes or hours.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

Personal Protective Equipment, also know as PPEs are used for protection of head, face, feet, hands, ears and eyes.

These include safety helmets, face shields, gloves, ear muffs, safety goggles and safety glasses.


Safety Shoes

Some environments need mandatory protection for feet. Safety shoes are special shoes designed to tolerate tough areas and to last long.

Various types are available with special reinforcement for toes, protection against sole puncture, protection against static charge, etc.


Safety Signs

Safety signs play an important role in a workplace to alert employees against potential hazards, provide directions, stop them from doing something or to let them know the right way to do things.

Safety signs come in four main categories.

- Mandatory
- Warning
- Prohibition
- Safe Condition

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